mcc_HawkeyeAlignMike’s garage has the very latest in high tech 5-wheel alignment. The steering wheel is the 5th wheel on your car and it is centered when aligning your car’s wheels with the body.  So not only will your car track straight down a level road after alignment, but the steering wheel will also be centered.  This is known as total alignment, which is essential for your car to deliver full road stability.

Mike’s 5 wheel Total Alignment service uses a Hunter HawkEye alignment system featuring four precision cameras and a powerful built-in computer that:



  • Measures the position and orientation of targets mounted on the wheels of your car
  • Analyzes the four cameras’ outputs to calculate your car’s current measurements
  • Compares measurements to the original equipment manufacturer’s (O.E.M.) alignment specifications
  • Outputs adjustment data for the technician to reset the car to the O.E.M. specifications
  • Recalibrates the car’s steering angle sensor with the Hunter CodeLink tool (for newer, fancier cars)

… all as determined by scanning the vehicle’s VIN code and automatically looking up the car’s specifications using the HunterNet professional internet database connection built into the HawkEye system.