mcc_RoadForceTouchmcc_HunterRoadForceMike’s Car Care is equipped with a state of the art Hunter Road Force Touch dynamic wheel balancing station used in conjunction with Hunter’s StraightTrak® Lateral Force Measurement to ensure your tires are:

  • Statically balanced for the “up and down” balance forces
  • Dynamically balanced for the “side to side” balance forces
  • Roundness-matched to your car’s rims
  • Tested under driving load conditions to discover all vibration modes

See Hunter’s introductory video to see the additional diagnostics and balancing procedures in action.

These steps are the best way to find and minimize any vibrations due to either imperfections or wear in  tire or rim. Using this approach gives the best possible ride comfort on your tires and rims, especially when traveling at Interstate highway speeds for long distances.  Note that long-life tires may need to be rebalanced during their lifetime to restore a smooth ride.  This is because the wheel balance can change as a tire’s tread gradually wears away. A quick check when rotating the tires can determine if rebalancing is necessary – just ask!