mcc_ecudiagnosticComputers are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot and repair, especially the embedded processors in modern vehicles.  Mike’s Car Care owns a full line of computer diagnostic and update equipment to talk to your car and install factory software updates to repair bugs and other problems in your car’s ECU and other processors:

  • Fault code interrogation
  • Software and sensor diagnostics
  • Maintenance resets
  • Download software updates from the manufacturer

This is often the exact same computer interrogation equipment that your dealer uses … and it might even be newer than your dealer’s – ask!  Mike’s Car Care maintains subscriptions to multiple data services in order to directly access up-to-date factory software maintenance data over the internet to ensure your vehicle has the latest factory software bug fixes, recalls, and maintenance actions. Data subscriptions include:

  • Mitchell Repair
  • IATN
  • Identifix
  • Alldata
  • Bartec
  • Tech 500
  • TPMS
  • RussTech

In addition to the commercial tools and data services above, Mike’s also owns the following OEM equipment for specialized repair situations:


  • Audi/VW OEM tech tool
  • Tech2 for GM vehichles
  • IDS for Ford
  • Launch for Mercedes